MCGA Facility: 1523 Fowler, Richland, WA 99352
Cheer Facility: 8382 W. Gage Blvd Suite N. Kennewick, WA 99336
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Mid-Columbia Gymnastics Academy & Elite Force Cheer Booster Club

All parents of a competitive gymnast (TOP's and Level 4-10) or Force Competitive Cheerleader are Booster Club Members. This includes TOP's Gymnasts, Level 4-10 male and female competitive gymnasts and Elite Force Cheer Competitive Teams. All of the parents of these sports teams work together to provide fundraising opportunities, boost morale and build a positive environment for athletes, parents, coaches and owner at MCGA & Force Cheer. The Booster Club is a 501(c) 3 organization.


Fundraising * Activities * Social Events * Community Outreach


The Booster Club is run by parents and the mission is:

Fundraising- to provide fundraising opportunities to offset the costs of team participation including, but not limited to, meet & competition entry fees, coaching fees, choreography and uniform items. There are some restrictions such as monthly tuition.

Communication Liaison- to provide a link between parents, coaches, athletes and the community.

Support Group- to provide more support to athletes, coaches and the Booster Club Members through group participation, team recognition and special events.


The executive board consists of:

President - exercises general authority over the affairs of the MCGA Booster Club and shall call and preside over all meetings. The president shall use his or her best efforts to coordinate the activities of the club, to promote its purposes and objectives.

Vice President - shall act in the absence of the president and shall coordinate and oversee management of all fundraising committees.

Secretary - shall keep records of all meetings and, as needed, distribute communications to all MCGA Booster Club Members in coordination with the communications officer.

Treasurer - maintain financial records and reporting, as required by law, receive and care of all monies, pay bills, report all financial information at booster meetings, etc.

Gymnastics Communication Officer - work alongside the Cheer Communications Officer assisting in providing information to the members, athletes, coaches and owners. This person will also oversee the gymnastics team representatives.

Cheer Communications Officer - work alongside the Gymnastics Communications Officer in the same manner.

Girls Gymnastics, Boys Gymnastics & Cheer Team Representatives - work with the communications officers and other representatives in providing clear communication about all events, fundraisers, etc. to members, staff and owners, maintain booster bulletin board, communicate via email, notes, signage, phone calls, Facebook etc. to ensure "everyone knows what's going on" with fundraisers and special events.

*For a copy of the bylaws, please email the president.


2016-2017 MCGA/Force Booster Club Officers

Margarita Westfall

Vice President: Cassandra Hay

Secretary: Kym Revell

Treasurer: Annamaria Praga

Communications Officer: Karen Wald

Boys Gymnastics Rep: Shawna Mason

Girls Gymnastics Rep: Donna Martin

TOPs Rep: Mallory London

Cheer Team Rep: Alyssa McLeod

~ Please note that the owners, coaches and office staff of MCGA & Force Cheer are not members of the Booster Club unless they have a competitive athlete. They do, however support the club to the best of their ability.


Boost Club email address:


A Sample of Some of our Fundraisers:
  • Coke and Pepsi Product Sale
  • Apple Sale
  • Candy Bar Sale
  • Condition-A-Thon
  • Sponsorship Signs
  • Raffles & Silent Auctions
  • Car Washes
  • Specialty Fundraisers through restaurants & businesses
  • Gymnastics Meets hosted by MCGA


Sponsor a gymnast or cheerleader:


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