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Girl's Competitive Gymnastics

"Wake up every day knowing that today is a new day and only you can determine the outcome of the day. So dream big, accept the challenge and never look back." ~ Alicia Sacramone


Mid-Columbia Gymnastics offers competitive gymnastics through USA Gymnastics, the governing body of gymnastics. We offer Level 3 through 10 for girls ages 6-18 years of age. The majority of our competitive gymnasts come out of our TOP's or recreational programs. Students are selected based on physical ability, attitude and willingness to learn and take corrections in a positive way. All of our competitive gymnasts train year round. Competitive gymnastics requires a joint commitment from the child and the family as a whole. All of our gymnasts learn routines on bars, beam, floor exercise and balance beam which they compete at meets. Our coaching staff also emphasizes safety, conditioning, core strength and general fitness. MCGA coaches are safety certified through USA Gymnastics. Gymnastics prepares children for a life time of physical fitness and teaches life skills that they will carry with them as through college and beyond.



Benefits of Competitive Gymnastics

  • Hard Work Ethic
  • Self Confidence & Social Skills
  • Coordination & Body Awareness
  • Self Discipline & Leadership Skills
  • Physical & Mental Strength
  • Flexibility & Body Alignment
  • Courage & Determination
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Character Develop
  • General Fitness & Much More


TOP's - Please visit our TOP's page for information on this program that is a great foundation for gymnastics and general fitness.

XCEL - Please visit our xcel page for info on this program that is a great option for competing with a lower level of commitment.

Level 3 – This is our entry level of competitive gymnastics. Level 3 athletes train around 6 hours per week. They learn the Level 3 routines set by USA Gymnastics. Level 3 is a compulsory level where all of the gymnasts do the same routine and use the same floor music. Our level 3 team competes generally in Washington state. We attempt to stay local by competing in Spokane and Portland at the furthest. Level 3's can qualify to Eastern Sectional Championships and Washington State Championships. Many of our level 3 gymnasts come straight from our TOPs program. Others come from our recreational program. We generally offer tryouts for level 3 all year long. Please contact us for more information.

Level 4/5 – This is the next compulsory level of competitive gymnastics. Level 4/5 athletes train around 13 hours per week. They learn the Level 4/5 routines set by USA Gymnastics. Our level 4/5 team competes generally in Washington state. We attempt to stay local competing in Spokane and Portland at the furthest. Level 4/5's can qualify to Eastern Section Championships and Washington State Championships. Our level 4/5 team is made up of athletes that have competed on our level 3 team, kids moving directly from our TOPs program, and some come from recreational class also. Please contact us for more information on skill requirements and a possible tryout.

Level 7 – This is a beginning optional level of competitive gymnastics. At the optional levels, athletes perform individual routines created from a pool of skills developed by USA Gymnastics. Level 7’s can use their own individual floor music. Level 7 athletes train around 15 hours per week. Our level 7 team competes generally in Washington state. Meets are often in Spokane, Portland and Seattle. Level 7's can qualify to Washington State Championships.

Level 8 – Level 8 is similar to level 7 but requiring a higher difficulty of skills. Level 8’s train 20 hours a week. The level 8 team competes throughout the Northwest and will usually have two meets a season that are travel meets, past meets have been in Dallas TX, San Diego CA, San Francisco, and Phoenix AZ. Level 8's are able to qualify through Washington State Championships to the Region 2 Championships. Region 2 consists of gymnasts representing Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska and Hawaii.

Level 9/10 – These levels are open optional levels where athletes may compete any skill that they are capable of learning. Level 9’s and 10’s train 20+hours a week. They can qualify all the way to their National Championships. Level 10 is where the majority of college athletes are recruited from. Here at MCGA we have had many gymnasts go on to compete at the collegiate level.

Our Coaching Staff

Todd Sawyer - Women's Competitive Team Director -Todd was a competitive gymnast here at MCGA growing up. He attended W.S.U. and majored in Environmental Science. Todd began coaching recreational and competitive gymnastics over 20 years ago. He has extensive experience coaching boys and girls of all ages and skill levels. Todd also runs our National TOP's Program and has qualified girls to the Olympic Training Center in Houston for many years. Through the years, Todd has trained gymnasts through the State, Regional and National levels with a challenging, yet positive approach to coaching. Todd loves to FISH and work out.

Ashley Condray - Ashley was one of our competitive gymnast since she was a child and then went on to coach recreational and competitive gymnastics. Ashley is a fitness and nutrition expert and loves coaching gymnastics. Ashley also works with life skills children in for the local school district. She loves to fish and power lift.

Ashley Keever- Ashley was a competitive gymnast and cheerleader here when she was growing up. Ashley has coached competitive gymnastics and cheer through the years. She loves the sport of gymnastics and watching her gymnasts be the best they can be. Ashley is a Licensed Massage Therapist and is very knowledgeable in natural health.

Todd Anderson - Todd works with our entry level girls in the team program to ensure they have a smooth transition into competitive gymnastics. He loves to teach the fundamentals while keeping it fun and entertaining. Todd currently attends WSU Tri-Cities and is working towards a Mechanical Engineering degree. He plans to stay local in order to stay involved in the gym.

***Our region (Region 2) through USA Gymnastics consists of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Hawaii and Alaska. Level 9 & 10 National Championships in different states each year. More information is on the USA Gymnastics website.

***Practice schedules vary and monthly tuition costs vary. Please contact us for information.

***Financial commitment includes monthly tuition, annual $45 MCGA Reg. Fee, USAG Registration fee, meet entry fees, coaching fees, uniform items, backpack, travel expenses such as hotel, meals, gas etc.

***As a member of MCGA's competitive teams, this is a year round commitment and we ask that once a student commits that she continues through the year.

For more information on our competitive gymnastics teams, please contact us.


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